Why choose a self-hosted WordPress?

WordPress was first launched in 2003, to now become one of the WordPress content management system (CMS) popular in the world, even according to some sources WordPress is used by 50% of websites on the Internet. Ranging from personal blogs, web sites agencies, corporate websites to news portal many prefer to use WordPress. Please visit our website and find the best web hosting for WordPress.

The reason for choosing self-hosting for WordPress can be downloaded for free, and then installed in hosting private property. If you do not have a private server, we can hire at a hosting provider that has been widely spread. You do not need special skills to manage and design a WordPress website, has many design templates available for free as well as premium websites for various purposes, such as for news portals, online stores, and others.

In addition with the help of thousands of plugins available, you do not need to create the code to make certain features on the blog. Like creating a slider, anti-spam, page view counters and much more.

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