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The benefit of Lips Surgery

Everyone wants to look beautiful smile, especially for women. A cosmetic surgeon who has developed into a trend is plastic surgery to change the angle of the lip. It’s not a secret that women do plastic surgery to enhance her face. This operation is intended in order to eliminate the effects of an aunt with sullen way alter the curve of the corner of his lips plastic surgery san diego. The results of plastic surgery are the lips of a smile can change permanently. If you are interested, you can visit plastic surgery san Diego, the surgical staff expert of Dr. Karam.

Quality lips change over time our age. As we experience the aging process, skin thinning, muscular support around the lips begin to disappear, changes in bone structure, bone resorption and reduced the volume of soft tissue causes a number of changes in the perioral region ( the area around the mouth). Orbicularis Oris muscle of the lips become more prevalent as the aging process and happens atrophy, make lips thinner and less shapely. Lips idealized that wants to have every woman is seen full, clear boundary, silky smooth texture with no lumps, moist not dry and fresh look.