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Bored with your windows design? The European windows design might inspire you

double glazing zone – Every house must have some windows. Besides for the air circulation, the windows can make a house looks more beautiful and attractive. That’s why the shape and design of every window in each city and country are different. It’s affected by the development of the culture in each country. One of the strongest cultural influence from the Europe is the Italy.

Italy has the signature style of its own architecture. Strongly influenced by the art element but also adapting to the current development. It’s also the same with the windows there. They’ve got the windows with bright colors and combined them with the soft colored walls. It is a very Italian house signature.


The window design in one of the Italian province is having the curved shape with the bright and bold colors. Trento that has the area with 6.207 km square is populated by 507.030 people (2006). With the population density of 82 people / km square. This province is located in the Trentino-Alto Adige. Its capital is Trento. The Gothic style is also influencing many windows in that city.


The citizen of this city loved the windows with the square, rectangle shaped, and solid colored windows. Burano is an island in the middle of a lagoon in Venice. Even though it looks like Venice, this islands should be called as the four islands that connected by bridges to be precise. Burano is located near the Torcello in the northern corner of the lagoon. There are many color splash designed windows in this city.


The windows in Venice is more into the details. In this floating city, there are many unique, famous buildings. Some of them are the Accademia, Arsenale, Opera La Fenice, and Teatro Maliban. The window designs in this city are considered to be detailed and complex yet also luxurious and prestigious.

We hope these types of Italian windows design could give you some inspirations for your home windows.