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Women who can not do breast augmentation surgery

Improve appearance to be better is the right of people. We can not tell them to not doing anything that can make their appearance more attractive. Usually, women will take Breast Augmentation Surgery if they want to change their appearance. They do it because the procedures are clear and can do for every woman but wait, there are some women who are not allowed to do breast augmentation surgery. First, a woman who had breast cancer. They can do the breast augmentation because it is too risky for them. The breast augmentation can not heal cancer or remove the virus. If they want to breast augmentation surgery, they have to lift tumor in their breast and clean it. Even they had lifted the tumor, they must wait for several months and then they can put the implant in the breast. Second, breastfeeding women. They are not allowed because they have an obligation to give the breast milk to their babies.

Third, women who are not healthy 100%. To do the breast augmentation surgery, the patient should be healthy 100 % because it is important for the result. If the patient is not healthy, the surgeon will be delayed the surgery because it can be risky. Usually, the surgeon will be warning their patient before the day of the surgery. They should not be exhausted or stress because it can be dangerous when doing the surgeon. They also must fast in a few hours because it needs to make the surgery successful. Fourth, the women do not have a phobia with medical equipment. It will trouble the surgeon if there is a patient that can not withstand with injection or another medical equipment. Fifth, this surgery only for the women who are 18 years old to 40 years old so, the women who have aged below and above it, they are not allowed to perform this surgery.