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3 Easy tips to prevent drunk driving

There are so many cases of the drunk driving around the world. Not only that it could cost yours and others lives, it could also put you behind bars. The drunk driving accidents are often to occur in the weekend, new year eve, and also in several national or international holidays. The could help you in the drunk driving accident cases. We’d like to share some tips with you on how to prevent a drunk driving accident.

1. Eat some cheese as the side snack while drinking

There are many people who do this in order to decrease the amount of alcohol in their blood or also known as BAC, especially the Japanese people who love to drink sake after hours of work. However, it will only reduces your BAC a little bit.

2. Don’t drink too much if you’re going to drive alone

This one is very obvious. If you’re driving alone, always remind yourself and also your friends so you’re all won’t drink too much. Not only that you’ll thank yourself later, you could also remember that your family is waiting at home.

3. Bring along one or two friends who isn’t alcoholic

A friend who is not into alcohol might be not as fun as the others who into it. However, these non-alcoholic guys might be able to save you from the danger of drunk driving or simply from drunk texting your boss or your wife.