Dangerous of Asbestos

In everyday life, we may never see the buildings house or other buildings that use asbestos as a building roof. Asbestos or asbestos actually is one kind of mineral composed of magnesium, calcium and silicate in the form of fibre. Since asbestos mining has been done 4,000 years ago, but mining of asbestos in new large scale at the end of the 19th century. It turned out that asbestos is harmful to human life, can cause death if inhaled. Our Asbestos Lawyers can help you to discuss your case.

In 2009 there were about 2 million tons of asbestos were mined worldwide, with most major producers are Russia which accounts for approximately 50% of asbestos in the world market. The use of asbestos continues to increase until the 20th century, namely as the roof of the building, electrical wire coatings, insulation, and some motorcycle components such as canvas clutch, brake, and others. This most likely occurs because some properties of the advantages possessed by this material. The advantages of asbestos include:
– Stronger
– Hold fire and heat, and other chemicals
– The price is more affordable

Types of Asbestos
When viewed from koposisi mineral, asbestos can be divided into two categories, namely:
1. Serpentine
2. Ambhipole

Behind the advantages possessed by the physical properties of asbestos, there was a surprising finding stating that asbestos dust has karsiogenik lethal effects (Sudden Death). When asbestos is damaged, both during mining and during its use, it will make the asbestos fibers (asbestos) released into the air. And if fibers or dust is inhaled or ingested, the dust will settle part of the lung or abdomen which in turn can cause irritation. Symptoms experienced by those who could potentially develop asbestos-related diseases may not be felt immediately after exposure, but the condition can occur in a period of many years.

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