7 Tips for being a professional voice over

There are so many successful animated series due to their voice actors. They are capable of making the character “live” and more described. Right now, we’d like to share some info with you on the tips for being a professional voice over for video :

1. There is no voice over school

The best thing for you to try is acting directly, or voice acting to be precise.

2. It’s fine to be a newbie

As a long as you’re the best person that they’ve got, your minimum experience will not be a problem.

3. Open minded and willing to be directed

A voice actor needs to be open minded and willing to cooperate. According to a professional Hollywood voice over, Andrea Romano, the thing that’s being looked for in a voice actor is the willingness to be directed, however, that person still has his or her own originality that will become his or her own signature.

4. The key to being successful in the business

It’s just one. As a voice actor, you need to be comfortable with the director. That’s it.

5. Trust your instinct

Even though the job itself demands you to follow the director suggestions, you still need to trust your own instinct, that’s because you’re the one whole make the character to becomes alive. However, the best thing that you need to do the job, is by facing the incoming situation naturally.

6. Train your voice consistently

According to Romano, the voice acting competition is very high. If you’re practising one hour a day, and then compete with the people who’ve been trained for 12 hours a day, it feels like you’re a baby who has just learned to walk and then need to race in a marathon with a professional athlete.

7. Focus on your unique voice

In this job, you will get many roles to be played, and many characters to be voiced. However, never you consider erasing the authenticity of your own, unique voice. Even if the characters are very, you can still give your own touch of voice in each of them.

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