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3 Easy tips to prevent drunk driving

There are so many cases of the drunk driving around the world. Not only that it could cost yours and others lives, it could also put you behind bars. The drunk driving accidents are often to occur in the weekend, new year eve, and also in several national or international holidays. The could help you in the drunk driving accident cases. We’d like to share some tips with you on how to prevent a drunk driving accident.

1. Eat some cheese as the side snack while drinking

There are many people who do this in order to decrease the amount of alcohol in their blood or also known as BAC, especially the Japanese people who love to drink sake after hours of work. However, it will only reduces your BAC a little bit.

2. Don’t drink too much if you’re going to drive alone

This one is very obvious. If you’re driving alone, always remind yourself and also your friends so you’re all won’t drink too much. Not only that you’ll thank yourself later, you could also remember that your family is waiting at home.

3. Bring along one or two friends who isn’t alcoholic

A friend who is not into alcohol might be not as fun as the others who into it. However, these non-alcoholic guys might be able to save you from the danger of drunk driving or simply from drunk texting your boss or your wife.

Several considerations before proceed with a breast augmentation surgery

One of the most popular and also controversial medical procedure these days is the plastic surgery, although it’s very controversial, some people still want to take the procedure to get the looks and shape that they wanted. One of the most demanded service of the surgery is the breast augmentation.

There is the best breast augmentation in Las Vegas. You can check it at the In order to help you to get the size and shape of your breast safely, we’d like to share some info with you about several things that you need to consider before a breast augmentation.

Here are the considerations that you need to take :

1. Do a standard lab test and other test if the doctor ordered you to do so.

2. Decide the time of the surgery based on the agreement, don’t forget to fast for 6 hours before the surgery, and also follow all of the doctor’s suggestions afterward. Don’t be afraid to talk with the doctor if there is anything that isn’t clear for you.

3. Finally, check up to the doctor routinely based on the doctor advice.

Why choose a self-hosted WordPress?

WordPress was first launched in 2003, to now become one of the WordPress content management system (CMS) popular in the world, even according to some sources WordPress is used by 50% of websites on the Internet. Ranging from personal blogs, web sites agencies, corporate websites to news portal many prefer to use WordPress. Please visit our website and find the best web hosting for WordPress.

The reason for choosing self-hosting for WordPress can be downloaded for free, and then installed in hosting private property. If you do not have a private server, we can hire at a hosting provider that has been widely spread. You do not need special skills to manage and design a WordPress website, has many design templates available for free as well as premium websites for various purposes, such as for news portals, online stores, and others.

In addition with the help of thousands of plugins available, you do not need to create the code to make certain features on the blog. Like creating a slider, anti-spam, page view counters and much more.

Another 5 minutes guide that might help you to avoid the car accident

license plate search – Driving a car on the road could be dangerous sometimes due to a lot of factors. Whether it’s the car mechanism malfunction, the bad road condition, or even the recklessness of other drivers. Whatever the cause is, it’d be better for us to avoid such accident. Here are the tips to avoid the car accidents :

Don’t let your concentration disturbed

Avoid the bad habit of distracting your own concentration to other things besides the driving, just like calling or receiving a call from your phone, or even texting a message along the road. Those things are have been proven to be dangerous, due to the more crowded road condition these days, it requires a higher level of concentration to drive your car until you’ve reached the destination.

Know the blind spot areas of your car

Each car has at least one blind spot (the area that’s cannot be seen by the driver vision). Those areas are usually on the left or right side that’s can’t be viewed from the rearview mirror. That’s why you can look at the back of your car for a brief moment to change the line of course of the car.

The anticipation of the unexpected traffic changes

The traffic condition could change suddenly. By watching each change of situation, you can anticipate and avoid the accident. For example, if the car in front of you is suddenly slowing down and reduce its speed significantly, then it’s a sign that something might happen in front of that car, and it’d be the best for you to reduce your speed too in order to avoid the car collision streak.

Keep the safe distance

This is the most common of warning that often to is found, even on the sticker on the back of several vehicles. Following another vehicle too closely will make you unable to get any chance to dodge when an accident is happening. The recommended safe distance for your car with the next one is 3 seconds, and also 5 seconds for the bad weather.

Who Can Consume Vitabrain?

Vitabrain is one of the local brands in Indonesia for vitamin supplements beneficial for the brain. Made only natural materials as most of them are the high-quality Asian pennywort, a natural herbal plant which can be found in a lot of areas of countries in the Asian continent, including Indonesia.

When it comes to vitamin supplements, there are some of us who think more than once to decide to consume them as we consider whether or not the vitamin supplements will cause any side effects to the consumers. To give you assurance regarding who can consume Vitabrain and who cannot, we would like to explain it in the discussion below.

As it has been said above that most of the ingredients of Vitabrain are natural, it means that this vitamin supplement for the brain will be safe to consume by anyone, no matter your or old. In fact, the benefits of vitabrain indeed cover all gender and age. For children, taking Vitabrain can make them able to shine brighter at school than their fellow students as it can be ensured that their brains will function better. The adults, either young or middle, will also be able to get benefits for taking a pill of Vitbrain. They will be able to do all their works in an excellent performance as their brains and body will be healthier than those who do not consume Vitabrain. As for the old people, Vitabrain will be able to help them fight for brain disorders which happen a lot to the past generations such as dementia and senility.

By taking Vitabrain 5 times a week, anyone who consumes it would be able to get all the benefits of the green plant, regardless their genders and ages. That is why this vitamin supplement is beneficial for all members of a family.